Explore LagBuster's Features

LagBuster Counter-Measure II™

LagBuster Counter-Measure II™ neutralizes the effects of lag compensation in games by synchronizing your system's timing with the host/server.

LagBuster Gadget
for Windows® 7

Use the LagBuster Performance Meter Gadget to see what is happening on your network in real time and how your LagBuster is working to keep your online experience LAG-FREE.


Can't wait to start playing online games lag-free? LagBuster is available for purchase. Click here to view LagBuster specifications, set-up requirements, and what is included in the LagBuster package.


The LagBuster Performance Meters allow you to see exactly what is happening on your network and what the LagBuster is doing to improve your online gaming experience. Click here to learn more about the LagBuster Performance Meters.